Absolutely Recommended!

Myself and my partner were initially hesitant to purchase our diamond for my engagement ring online, such a precious item, however in dealing with Divinity Diamonds, in particular Bryn, we were set at ease and the purchase experience was very straightforward and positive. The education on the site is very informative and the search option for the stone you are looking for is very simple to use. All queries were responded to promptly and we always felt well informed. When the diamond did arrive Bryn met us personally to deliver and upon seeing the diamond it took our breath away – everything we had hoped for and more. The price in contrast to retailers is not even comparable, my beautiful ring cost less than $7,500, however the certified valuation of the same came in at $19,500 – more than a bargain in our eyes. We would not hesitate to make further purchases from Divinity Diamonds and would absolutely recommend them. Thank you again so much for my precious diamond and for making the whole experience a memorable one for all the right reasons

Petra Heberle, March 2012.


Over the Moon!!

I could not be happier with the end result. My ring is absolutely beautiful and so well-made. The quality of the stones at the price paid is unbelievable and I will definitely be recommending Divinity Diamonds to all of my friends and family. I feel like a princess every time I look at my ring. Thanks

Joanne, June 2011



Making a decision to give someone special a diamond is not as simple as it sounds Sure you can go down to Tiffanys and buy something just to keep her happy, but then you will end up with something that everyone else has. Yes it came from you….. But is it you ?? That is not what diamonds are all about In deciding to buy a diamond for someone special, I do not believe it should be about the purchase. It should be about the joy of giving, the emotions and expressions that can be seen, at the time of producing that small felt covered box, that makes it all worthwhile - fear, excitement, embarrassment, vulnerability, tears, expectations….. and then there are the emotions and expressions if the receiver of the gift…. Your special some one.What makes it even more special is that it is yours. You have to think about it. The great thing about working with the Divinity team was their ease of understanding, not only in the choice of gemstone, but understanding the design idea, the best way to present it to get the most out of the piece and understanding what it was that you are trying to achieve…… and not laughing at your ideas In design…. the world is your oyster and simplicity is the key After the going through the experience, understanding now, how much more that gift means to my special someone “ just because I thought about’ and the simplicity and professionalism associated with the Divinity Team I would not go about such a purchase in any other way. I am happy to discuss my experience with anyone at any time that it may be needed as I fully endorse and appreciate the way that my Diamond was handled And many thanks to Richard and Joanne for making the experience ………… uuuuummmm Divine

Richard, Shanghai 2013.


Siobahn Burditt

A massive thank you to Divinity Diamonds for my stunningly perfect emerald cut engagement ring. It is more than I could have ever wished for. Your service and assistance have been second to none and made the whole process very enjoyable and exciting! If anyone is nervous about dealing with Divinity – don’t be!


Kim Ganfield

I love my custom made devil heart pendant. Such very high quality for the price I paid. I never dreamed to get such good service from an internet based jewellery company. It has changed the way I look at shopping for jewellery.


Melanie Kett

Thank you Bryn and the Divinity Diamonds team for such fantastic service and commitment to giving my fiancé exactly what he wanted for his wedding ring. He isn’t the easiest man to make happy but he is all smiles now. To get more than we wanted for half the price of other retail stores was an absolute bargain, and hassle free. We will be coming back.


Alan Edwards

At first I was concerned about buying a custom ring online but I had heard good things about the Divinity Team and gave them a call. From the start they listened to exactly what I wanted and kept me involved through the whole design process. My girlfriend was blown away when I proposed with such a stunning ring.


Graeme Smith

I only had a basic idea of what I wanted before I called Bryn at the Divinity Team. After several phone calls and emails we created the perfect ring with an amazingly proportioned heart cut diamond. Thank you so much for being pedantic on the proportions. The first thing my fiancé said was “It is such a perfect heart shape!” She gets dozens of compliments on her ring and just how white the stone is. We are over the moon with the whole experience from start to finish.


Nicole Hanson

I want to say a big thank you to the Divinity Team for creating such a gorgeous engagement ring. My partner explained that I have very sensitive skin before making the purchase so the suggested platinum ring was the perfect choice. The platinum also highlights how incredibly white the diamond is and I am always getting compliments because it really catches the eye.  I am a very happy, engaged woman.

A big thankyou to the team at Divinity Diamonds for helping create our one of a kind engagement ring. Very helpful and professional with helping turn a small vision into an amazing creation. Thanks again and we will definitely be using your Bespoke service again in the future!

Graeme, Perth, Australia

Thank you so much to Richard and Divinity Diamonds for all their help, advice and patience. Having very limited knowledge regarding diamonds and jewelry and facing such a once in a life time task of finding the perfect engagement ring could have been a very daunting. However after emailing/speaking with Richard such a daunting task turned into an enjoyable process. Richard's knowledge, enthusiasm, passion and ability to understand what I wanted (even though I didn't really know) made the process easy and painless. 
Whether it giving advice or personally delivering the engagement ring, I could not have been happier with the service and my fiancé could not have been happier with the end product. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending both the service and products from Divinity Diamonds. 
Clinton, Hong Kong.

When i began thinking about purchasing an engagement ring for my wife-to-be I wanted to make sure I was going to be getting great value and product for my money.  In the past her family had been fortunate to purchase her other rings and diamonds from overseas suppliers and these definitely outshone anything the Australian stores had to offer.

 Knowing this I began my search for the perfect engagement ring with friends and contacts from Dubai and Hong Kong.  When dealing with them it was always hard to get the information I needed and the answers to my never ending questions.   They were also unable to send me design pictures and I was only going off one dimensional pictures I had sent to them.  This left me feeling uncomfortable and uncertain with what ring I would end up receiving.  After persevering with these avenues for a few months and not getting the results I was looking for I decided to look into what the Australian market had to offer.  After receiving many different quotes from various stores I was disappointed to find too many discrepancies in price and quality compared to the overseas market.

It was at this time when i was starting to think it would be impossible to get my perfect engagement ring that I was very fortunate to hear about Divinity Diamonds and their amazing work through a friend who had also worked with them.  The Divinity team, and in particular Richard, were able to put all my crazy thoughts together and help me create the perfect ring I had spent many months looking for. The simple education in diamonds, assistance in design including sending me proofs for approval and fast response to my never ending questions and alterations is what made the experience with the Divinity team perfect. 

When the ring arrived I was amazed by the quality of the stone and the precision in which my design was crafted.  My wife-to-be and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Divinity Diamonds to those who are in search of their own perfect piece of jewellery. Thank you so much to everyone involved and we look forward to our next purchase with the team. 

Thanks again Andrew , QLD Australia

PS She Said YES!

I purchased a Divinity Diamonds engagement ring for my fiancé in June this year, and presented it to her as I proposed on our favourite headland in Sydney.  The diamond is spectacular and made the moment.  My fiancé could not be more thrilled with it.  Divinity Diamonds was extremely professional in guiding me to the right diamond for us, and I must comment Richard Baker for his knowledge of diamonds and the selection that he showed me for consideration.

David Keir , Shanghai ,P.R China