Diamond Certification

Diamond Certification

GIA Diamond CertificateA diamond certificate can also be called a diamond grading report or a diamond quality document. It is a report prepared by a team of expertly trained gemmologists as to the authenticity and characteristics of each and every loose diamond sold by Divinity Diamonds.

This certificate details the precise characteristics of the individual diamond such as its colour, clarity and cut as well as all other identifying data such as the measurements, clarity plot and fluorescence.

This report has been prepared independently of Divinity Diamonds and will include a signature and date by the key person involved in the evaluation process. Each diamond is also given a unique registration number. The diamond is evaluated using the highest quality tools of the industry.

Divinity Diamonds only stocks diamonds certified by either GIA, IGI,HRD, or EGL four of the leading diamond laboratories in the industry.

Divinity Diamonds includes a professional appraisal, carried out by a trained jewellery expert with every jewellery piece created by Divinity Diamonds using the loose diamonds available on our website.

The Divinity Promise of Certification

All loose diamonds sold by Divinity Diamonds are certified by either(GIA), (IGI) or (HRD). These diamond laboratories are three of the most highly respected diamond grading laboratories within the industry. Therefore all of the diamonds stocked by Divinity Diamonds are of a consistently high quality.

View Certificates before making a decision.

If you are interested in a specific certified diamond at Divinity Diamond, you can arrange to view its certificate on our site before purchase. Please contact one of our expert diamond consultants with your selected diamond and they will arrange a certificate viewing.