Metal Selection

Divinity Diamond offers three different metal types for your jewellery pieces: platinum, yellow gold and white gold. Deciding on the right metal is a very important decision for all jewellery pieces. Use our precious metal education guide to make your final choice.


Gold is the most traditional metal used in jewellery pieces especially engagement and wedding rings. Gold will not tarnish or rust and is therefore a popular choice for jewellery designers. Gold is also an incredibly malleable metal. Due to this pure gold is actually too soft to be used in jewellery making as it will not withstand the daily wear and tear. To make it more suitable for jewellery it is therefore alloyed with a mixture of metals such as silver, copper and zinc. In order to understand the purity of gold it is necessary to understand the karatage of the gold used. Karatage indicates the percentage of pure gold used to make the alloy.

Karatage (k)

Gold (%)




Pure Gold



Too soft for jewellery pieces



All Divinity Diamond jewellery uses 18k









Not used in Divinity Diamond Gold Jewellery

The colour of gold is determined by the metals with which pure gold is alloyed.


At Divinity Diamond we believe that 18 k yellow gold is the optimum Karatage for jewellery pieces. This ensures the actual end piece is more valuable than those made with lower Karatage yet does not compromise on strength. It also means that the final piece maintains the distinctive colour of traditional yellow gold.


The White Gold used by Divinity Diamond is all 18k however unlike yellow gold it is alloyed with white metals to ensure the end product is a white metal. To increase the whiteness of the end product all white gold used in Divinity Diamond jewellery is then coated with Rhodium. This plating can wear off slightly over time however re-plating is an easy process.

In order to maintain your gold jewellery in its original condition it is important to ensure that it does not come into contact with harsh chemicals such as detergent and chlorine products. For cleaning it is recommended that you wash the piece in a mild solution of detergent-free soap and warm water using only a soft-bristled brush to clean gently. If in doubt it is always advisable to seek advice from a jewellery professional.


Platinum is an increasingly popular choice for both male and female jewellery pieces. It is considered as the most attractive metal for diamond jewellery pieces as it truly complements the diamond and makes the most of its internal fire and brilliance. All platinum jewellery available at Divinity Diamonds is made from the highest quality platinum available.
Platinum's greatest advantage is its internal strength and durability.

Both yellow and white gold will wear down and scratch more easily leading to a small degree of the metal being lost over time. This will in turn require extra metal to be needed in order to reinforce jewellery pieces. However with platinum this is not the case. Whilst it can of course scratch and mark under extreme circumstances it will not chip away to the extent of other metals.

Platinum also develops a very unique matte appearance with wear which is often considered one of its most attractive characteristics for jewellery. If however you prefer its initial shine a jeweller will be able to polish it to bring it back to its original finish. With proper care you can also use a soft cloth to achieve a shine from your platinum jewellery.

The platinum used in Divinity Diamond pieces is made from 95% pure platinum with 5% other metals such as iridium and palladium.

To care for your platinum jewellery soak the piece in a very mild solution of soap and warm water and gently scrub with a soft-bristled brush. If in doubt it is always advisable to seek advice on cleaning from a jewellery professional.

Storage is incredibly important in protecting and caring for your jewellery. Keep gold jewellery pieces in soft cloth bags or the original packaging. All Divinity Diamond jewellery pieces come with a unique jewellery presentation box to ensure they are well-protected.